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I have been asked to provide proof of ownership for my sound recording. What does that mean?

We may request your proof of ownership to ensure you have 100% claim to the sound recording(s) you have submitted to us.

Valid proof of ownership documents include: License to administer recording(s) - this lets us see that the artist has given you the legal right to hire Audiam on behalf of their work.

Copyright registration - often issued by the government, this shows us that you hold the rights to the recording(s) and can hire Audiam on your own behalf.

Invalid proof of ownership documents include: Purchased Use License for recording(s) – this grants you permission to use a recording in your own media and/or on your own channel, but does not give you the rights to claim Content ID for the recording(s).

Web-only copyright registration – some websites will let you input data and ‘register’ a sound recording, but these are not legal documents and do not serve as valid proof of ownership.

Apple Music, Spotify, or other streaming services link - merely linking to a song is not sufficient proof of ownership, as anyone on the site may access the same link.

Please note, providing fraudulent or doctored documents will lead to the immediate removal of your recordings and suspension of your account.

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