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Do I need to do anything to get paid?

Yes. In order to be paid you must:

  1. Complete your Audiam profile page:
    1. Login in your account at www.audiam.com
    2. Click “Account” in the top right corner, and click on “Edit Profile”
    3. Fill out all mailing information. (NOTE: Physical address only; no PO boxes)
    4. Click “Update Profile” when you’re finished
  2. Add your bank information: (US/CA clients only)*
    1. On the top header, click “Payments & Taxes”
    2. You will be prompted to create a My Money Security Code
    3. This security code needs to be different from your Audiam profile password and must meet the following criteria:
      • No spaces
      • At least 8 characters, but no more than 16 characters
      • At least ONE CAPITAL LETTER
      • At least one lower case letter (a b c, etc.)
      • At least one numeral (0-9)
      • At least one “special character”: !@#$%^&()
    4. Complete your Bank Info page with your US or Canadian-based bank account information

    * Non-US clients must confirm that their Audiam email address matches their PayPal email address in order to be paid. If you need to update your email, please contact us at support@audiam.com.

  3. Provide a tax form:*
    1. On the top header, click “Payments & Taxes”
    2. Follow the instructions to complete your Tax Info page with your US or Canadian-based Social Security Number (SSN), Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Tax ID number (All clients)

    * Providing a tax form is not required to receive payments; however, for Audiam to properly withhold according to treaty percentages, a tax form submission is needed.

Without a tax form on file, Audiam will withhold the following:

  • 24% for US clients
  • 30% for non-US clients

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